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Internet marketing is a dynamic and exciting field and those that know how to succeed in other marketing areas don't necessarily fare well here. The landscape is constantly changing and most traditional marketing gurus don't keep up-to-date on the latest developments and opportunities within the Internet marketing industry.

The Internet Marketing Authority
Enter Jerry Allocca, one of the foremost thinkers and doers on the subject of Internet Marketing. Considered by many as the Internet Marketing Authority in NY, Jerry has been honing his marketing expertise for over a decade, helping many organizations achieve outstanding results in their efforts to reach their target audience on the Internet. From strategic web design and development to search engine marketing and ultimately to powerful networking and promotion social media tools, this Internet Marketing ASuthority--along with his experienced team of Internet specialists--has been helping organizations exceed their online marketing goals consistently and comprehensively. Visit the CONNECTED CULTURE website to glean some insights on how to leverage the latest Interactive Digital Marketing Tools used by the Internet Marketing Authority himself--and millions of other people (like your customers!)--every day. Or feel free to contact Jerry Allocca directly.

Jerry Allocca
Getting your site noticed using the specialized technique of search engine optimization is just one component of Internet Marketing. What organizations need to realize is that the true measurement of success for any Internet marketing campaign is to achieve concrete results that can be measured. Your site has to generate leads or sales otherwise it's a potentially wasteful investment. As the founder of CORE Interactive Marketing, Jerry Allocca has worked with a number of organizations on their Internet marketing efforts to achieve those concrete results. Through years of experience Jerry not only has a true understanding for what works and what doesn't, but he is also able to translate goals into measurable and achievable results. Jerry's Internet marketing playbook CONNECTED CULTURE provides a deep insight for the multi-faceted aspects of digital marketing allowing smart people who are not tech savvy to make the most of Jerry's knowledge and experience.

CONNECTED CULTURE – The Internet Marketing Playbook
What happens when a skilled and experienced Internet Marketing Authority puts all his pearls of wisdom down on paper? You get CONNECTED CULTURE: The Art of Communicating with the Digital Generation, an Internet Marketing Playbook designed to help organizations navigate their way through the endless paths of online marketing. Jerry has been spreading his wisdom through a number of workshops, seminars and lectures over the years and if you have been lucky enough to attend in person then you know of the benefits that can be garnered from these powerful in person events. These sessions have helped a variety of business professionals make amazing strides in connecting with their audience online and turning this insider knowledge into making their websites more profitable. Jerry Allocca has shown his prowess in the field of Digital and Interactive Marketing and is regarded by many as the foremost Internet Marketing Authority in NY.

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