PPC Marketing - Instantly Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Site

Digital marketing can get your website to the front page of the search results, ensuring visibility for your targeted key phrases - but rarely can it be done quickly.  For this reason, savvy business owners and executives recognize the importance of mixing PPC (pay-per-click) marketing into their Internet marketing strategy.

For more than a decade, Jerry Allocca and the PPC marketing team at CORE Interactive located on Madison Avenue in NYC and on Long Island, NY have helped organizations connect to their target audience to provide value and education, develop relationships, and create unique experiences that only the digital web can provide.  At the core of those strategies is making real human connections.

Sometimes - you don’t need to provide a wealth of value in order to make a solid connection.  In many cases, the right kind of offer and compelling ad copy is enough to close the deal and convince a customer that you're "it".

Effective, Compelling Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Your Business

Right now there are customers searching for you on the web - but what do they find?  Are the search engines and content networks populated by the landing pages and ads of your competitors?  Don't just wait for your digital marketing and content marketing to take hold.  Establish a presence now with PPC marketing.

  • Ads can go live in under 24 hours, quickly putting you on the first page of search engines when your customers use targeted search terms and phrases
  • Ad testing helps to discover the most effective copy variations to maximize your ROI
  • Zero-in on certain demographics within your audience, and hyper-focus your ad campaigns for higher conversions
  • Reduce spending on traditional marketing to get better results at a faster pace more consistently.

Get the Most Out of PPC Marketing

Many a business has made an attempt at running PPC campaigns, only to lose a significant amount of money with no results.  It's not because their business was wrong, or because PPC marketing is ineffective; it just requires a strategic approach.

The CONNECTED CULTURE digital workshops speak in detail about connecting to people and understanding your audience.  Pay-per-click marketing requires the same understanding, research and careful planning.

At CORE Interactive, Jerry and his team have worked with countless organizations of various sizes to craft and manage PPC campaigns that get results.  Tactics for a winning pay-per-click marketing campaign often include

  • Defining and refining campaign strategies to meet specific goals
  • Developing and refining keywords based on audience needs, products, services and site content
  • Creating variations of compelling ad copy (title and body text) to drive conversions
  • Match PPC ads to the most appropriate landing pages
  • Optimize landing pages to maximize conversions as well as match Calls to Action to goals
  • Split testing for conversion optimization
  • Routine analysis and performance reporting

You don't have to be a marketing guru to understand PPC marketing; you just need the right education, drive, and resources to back you.  When you tie pay per click marketing into your overall internet marketing strategy, you can be certain that no matter where your customers are searching, they'll find you online.

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