Search Engine Optimization – Your Key to High Search Engine Ranking

Whether you do business on the web or exclusively offline, search engine optimization has become an integral part of every marketing campaign – your customers are online so that is where you need to be.  They are online searching for information, for products, or for a solution to their greatest problems.  Your business might provide the ideal solution, but without search engine optimization it is virtually impossible for your website to be found.

Search Engine Optimization – Changing the Way You Do Business on The Web
For more than a decade, Jerry Allocca of CORE Interactive in Long Island, NY has helped local business owners and fortune 500’s develop long-term visibility on the web with search engine optimization.  Using proven strategies based on long-term results, Jerry will help your organization see the benefits of a well-planned organic SEO campaign.

  • Higher levels of national, global or geo-targeted traffic specific to your target audience
  • Improved leads and sales from targeted traffic resulting in more profit and a greater return on your investment
  • Top search placement in all the major search engines
  • Increased credibility among search users who put more weight on brands at the top of search results
  • Control your brand visibility in the search results for better reputation management

Jerry has spent years working with NY based SEO specialists, applying a fanatical passion for search engine optimization and success to every client campaign.  This devotion to value-based SEO services and results ensures that no matter how competitive your market, you can enjoy better online visibility for your business and your brand.

Customized Search Engine Optimization Strategies from CORE Interactive
Every business is unique, which means that cookie-cutter packages for search engine optimization aren’t going to work for everyone.  Your business requires a unique approach to guarantee the best results and higher search engine ranking for your targeted keywords.

With Jerry and his dedicated team of SEO professionals in Long Island, NY, you will have a customized strategy for SEO designed specifically to meet your needs and goals including:

  • Exhaustive market research
  • Search engine optimized site audit
  • Geo-targeted SEO for local visibility
  • On-site content optimization
  • Off-site SEO & link building
  • Social media optimization
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Content marketing

Trust in the digital marketing agency that has served the NY area for more than a decade.  When you partner with Jerry and CORE Interactive, you’re not just investing in SEO – you’re investing in success.

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