Social Media Marketing - Connect, Engage, Succeed

What are you doing to connect with your customers?  If your strategy focuses on Facebook and Twitter, you may be missing out on some critical components that hinder your success.  Social media marketing meets the demands of a new generation of savvy customers - people who demand engagement, transparency, personality and education.

The CONNECTED CULTURE digital marketing book, written by Jerry Allocca, focuses on the importance of the individual customer to help you identify how to connect your brand to your audience. Social media is the next big step you need to take to make the connection, drive interaction and action among customers, and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Thinking Outside of the Box with Social Media Marketing

Jerry and his team at CORE Interactive have designed social media marketing services and resources that help businesses make real human connections online - because faceless corporations are a thing of the past.  If customers were content with bland advertising and choosing a product or service from a line-up, the Yellow Pages would still be booming.

Your business needs something different.  Social media marketing provides just that:

  • Focused engagement to connect, educate and foster relationship growth with your audiences
  • Improve retention through listening and responding via social media
  • Maximize brand visibility using a variety of social platforms
  • Empower your followers to spread your message by providing valuable content
  • Bring your brand to life with personality, and effectively create personal connections that customers remember

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

The CONNECTED CULTURE book provides a wealth of information that will help you discover the people you need to reach, what they're looking for, what they need to hear and how to maintain strong connections and value exchanges via social media.

Even with all the tools, education and resources at your disposal, there's always the possibility that you simply don't have the skillset or the time to manage social media marketing on your own.  That's why Jerry and the team at CORE Interactive provide full service digital marketing, including social media marketing, to help you launch your next big idea.

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